Head of Acting for New York Madness


I’m thrilled to announce that I am now the Head of Acting for New York Madness. I’ve been involved with the company for 5 years now and as we move into sixth season I’m excited to be taking a more central role in the operations of a company. I am thankful to Cecilia Copeland and Judith Leora for this opportunity.

New York Madness is a company committed to emerging playwrights and actors and directors. We currently have 6 events each year in which a featured guest playwright picks a theme before and all the participating playwrights write short plays based on that theme. Actors are given the script 2-3 days beforehand and after 2 hours of rehearsal all the plays are presented in a single evening, scripts in hand.

It’s always an exciting evening and as we say “anything can happen in a Madness.” You can find out more about the company at www.nymadness.com and there is a small feature on me in our Catching Up With series.