“. . . easily one of the creepiest of I’ve ever seen.  Markham shows great versatility in this piece, and watching him with Kristen Vaughan’s Doctor Queen . . . is a treat. . .”
–Byrne Harrison for

“. . .  also intriguing, complex figures, as is Michael Markham as the tormented widower Harris . . .”
–Natalie Sacks for

“. . .delightfully earnest lead performance by Michael Markham. . .”
–The Village Voice, review of Giants at Here Arts Center

“Some nights the only inspiration I needed was to look at Michael.”
–Austin Pendleton

“He has the uncanny ability to be intelligent and emotional at the same time.
His natural likeability came through so the audience sided with him even though
the character was flawed.”
–Justin Swain, writer “The Corn Maiden”

“Michael’s work was so connected and earnest in a way that allowed Platonov
to remain someone we cared about. A hard task indeed.”
–Jess K Smith