Oct 15

Rush Opens


Rush has opened and is running at the Paradise Factory (64 East 4th St). We run through October 25th come out and see us!!




The Yukon Gold Rush, 1899 . Belinda and Frank stand at the threshold of a new life; a new century in lawless Dawson City but only if they can escape the horrors of their past. Who are these people, what chases them, and will the law find them? Fractured and poetic, Rush asks whether escaping your past only makes it haunt you all the more. 


BELINDA: Samantha Fairfield Walsh
FRANK: Christopher Norwood*
ALICE: Lauren Nordvig
ROSIE: Charley Flyte
JEB: Ryan George*
GARRISON: Michael Markham*

Here are some shots from tech and dress rehearsals.




Oct 15


Coming soon!  I’m performing in a new play, Rush, set during the Yukon Gold Rush.  Performances run Oct 9-25 and you can get tickets here for $18.00.

So excited to be working with my friend Christopher Diercksen and his new company Team Awesome Robot. This rehearsal process has truly been a gift. Albeit a gift packed in between several other projects.

We are performing at The Paradise Factory, 64 E 4th St, NYC, 10003.


Sep 15

With Theatre 167 at The Queens Theater


I’m always excited about getting to work with Ari Laura Kreith and Theatre 167. I spent the day out in Corona Park at the Queens Theatre rehearsing Mourning Sun by Antu Yacob.


We are already sold out for this evening with a 20 person waiting list. Looking forward to a solid crowd.



I am reading the roles of Dr. Wells and True. Dr. Wells is an Australian who is working at the Fistula Clinic in Ethiopia. True is a New Yorker who does yoga and self medicates to escape a past he wishes to amend.


Sep 15

Madness Season 6 Fundraising


Got to spend the afternoon on Cecilia Copeland’s roof shooting the funding video for our coming season. As Head of Acting I get to be a part of main ask this year as well as our viral campaign, #MyMadness.

Aug 15

Elvis at Auschwitz

It was such a delight to get to perform Matthew Wells’ ‘Elvis at Auschwitz’ as a part of Nylon Fusion Company’s This Round’s On Us: Time Travel 1950’s-60’s fundraiser this weekend. Ryan Blackwell and Robert McEvily were such a joy to play on stage with. And I love working with directors as smart and trusting is Lori Kee. I hope I get to work with all of them again soon.

I have to give credit to Ivette Dumeng and all the people at Nylon Fusion. They put together an exceptional evening of theater. So much quality on the stage.






Jul 15

‘The Fairer Sex’ at Theatre Row


I am happy to be a part of this production and to be making my Theatre Row debut!

From the posting on

Between Us Productions will present the World Premiere of Sander Gusinow’s The Fairer Sex, directed by Samantha Lee Manas. It begins performances on July 27th and will celebrate its opening night on July 28 and run through August 2nd at Theatre Row Studio Theatre.

In The Fairer Sex the battle of the sexes has become an all-out war. The women of the world, fed up with subjugation and sexual violence, have cast off the chains of oppression and staged a global revolution. But all is not well in the New World Order, as the brutal pro-male insurgency has swelled under the grip of a terrifying new leader.

Police interrogators Kristen and Lena apprehend a seemingly innocent young man when the resistance tries to smuggle him out of the hospital. As the secret to his identity unravels, Lena and Kristen clash over the proper course of action. Tensions rise, loyalty is tested, all leading to a climactic, bloody showdown.

A brash dark comedy about passion, vengeance, and sexual politics, The Fairer Sex is certain to shock, inflame, and delight with visceral glee. For mature audiences only.

THE FAIRER SEX begins performances on July 29th and runs through August 2nd, 2015. Theatre Row Studio Theatre is located at 410 West 42nd Street. Tickets are $18 and available at Schedule: July 29th-31st – 8pm; August 1st – 2pm & 8pm; August 2nd – 3pm. For mature audiences only. For more information about Between Us Productions, go to

Jun 15

Head of Acting for New York Madness


I’m thrilled to announce that I am now the Head of Acting for New York Madness. I’ve been involved with the company for 5 years now and as we move into sixth season I’m excited to be taking a more central role in the operations of a company. I am thankful to Cecilia Copeland and Judith Leora for this opportunity.

New York Madness is a company committed to emerging playwrights and actors and directors. We currently have 6 events each year in which a featured guest playwright picks a theme before and all the participating playwrights write short plays based on that theme. Actors are given the script 2-3 days beforehand and after 2 hours of rehearsal all the plays are presented in a single evening, scripts in hand.

It’s always an exciting evening and as we say “anything can happen in a Madness.” You can find out more about the company at and there is a small feature on me in our Catching Up With series.

Aug 14

“I Like to Be Here”

I got an email from a writer friend on Tuesday night saying that a play that he is a part of was casting an immediate replacement for a role and would I like to audition the following day?  Absolutely!  I’ve been cast as Eddie, a gruff NYPD beat cop in “I Like to Be Here” opening 9/6 at The New Ohio as part of the Theater: Village festival.  Come check it out – it’s a fun play and a really cool collaboration of writers.  



Previews begin Saturday, September 6

Opens Monday, September 8
Closes Saturday, September 27 

Sat. Sept. 6 – preview (no press)
Sun., Sept. 7 – press preview
Monday, Sept. 8 – opening
Thurs. – Sun., Sept. 11 – 14
Wed. – Sun., Sept. 17 – 21
Wed. – Sat., Sept. 24 – 27

*Sunday shows are at 7 pm, except the show on the 21st, which is at 2 pm. 
All other shows at 8 pm. 

$18 General 
$16 Student/Seniors

This is an AEA showcase.

May 14

“Short Life of Trouble”

I’m in a new play!  Short Life of Trouble is a new play with songs featuring original text, text by William Shakespeare and William Faulkner, and the regional music of the South performed live by the ensemble. Inspired by Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Southern Gothic literature, and bluegrass and gospel music, it explores the human understanding of mortality, the influence of religious faith, and the tangled complexities of family bonds through the lens of the 1930’s American South. With a high theatricality, haunting melodies, and an earthy, visceral approach to language, the play floats freely through time and every characters’ innermost thoughts.

SLT poster

It plays at the Access Theater, 380 Broadway, New York, 4th Floor.
We run Thursday the 5th through Saturday the 21st
Shows begin at 8:00 pm on the 5th, 6th, 7th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 18th, 19th, 20th, & 21st.
and at 2:00 pm on the 8th, 14th, and 15th.



For actors and those in the industry this is an AEA Showcase. AEA members come with your Membership Card and you can get in free. Industry folks, just send me a note and I’ll see that a seat gets reserved for you.

Jul 13

New York Madness Acting Company

1005301_10151764651986672_808645455_nIt has been a distinct pleasure to work repeatedly with New York Madness for the past ~3 years. New York Madness is a raw and unpredictable show of short plays by an ensemble of emerging playwrights, created by my friends Judith Leora and Cecilia Copeland.  It’s a group of playwrights who meet once every 1-3 months with a Guest/Host Playwright. This guest picks a theme for that month’s Madness a week before the event. The playwrights then have one week to write a 7-8 min short play on that theme which is given to a director and actors usually a day or two before the event. Then all the plays are read for an audience at that month’s Madness. It’s always an evening full of surprises.

Due to my repeated presence over the past few years I have been asked to join the NYMadness Acting Company. This is something new for the upcoming 4th season.  Guest Playwrights this season include Erik Ehn, Caridad Svich, Mia Chung, August Shulenberg, Jenny Lyn Bader, and David Bar Katz!

Come out this coming season and see what the noise is all about. The first Madness of the season, featuring Erik Ehn, will be held on September 15th at the T. Schreiber Theater, 151 W 26th St. @ 8:00 pm. Hope to see you there.